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Jan 1 – Italy combines two of its colonies (Tripoli and Cyrenaica) into Libya

Jan 1 – US unemployment dips from 25% to 17% (to compare, 1929 it was 3.2%)

Jan 2 – Hauptmann trial begins for kidnap-murder of Lindbergh baby

Jan 11 – Amelia Earhart flies from Honolulu to Oakland

Jan 14 Iraq-Mediterranean oil pipeline 

Jan 19 – Coopers Inc. introduces a new style of men's undergarment, the "Jockey"

Jan 24 – First canned beer in the world is sold by an American company (Kruger Cream Ale)

Feb 6 – Monopoly goes on sale

Feb 26 – German Luftwaffe unofficially re-formed under command of Goering

Feb 27 – It Happened One Night wins Academy Award

Mar 7 – Saar incorporated into GermanyMar 9 – Hitler announces creation of new air force

Mar 11 – Goering officially creates Luftwaffe

Mar 13 – Driving tests become mandatory in Great Britain

Mar 16 – Hitler orders German rearmament and conscription, violating Versailles Treaty

Mar 21 – Persia renamed Iran
Apr 3 – Neo Destour and other "nationalist" leaders transferred to Bordj le Boeuf
Apr 8 – Works Progress Administration approved by Congress
Apr 12 – Germany prohibits publishing non-Aryan writers
Apr 14 – "Black Sunday" – worst sandstorm creates Dust Bowl
Apr 28 – Hitler orders 12 submarines, violating Versailles Treaty
May 2 – France and the Soviet Union sign treaty promising to join the other should either be victim of unprovoked aggression (AKA Nazi Germany)
May 5 – Tunis Grand Prix; Varzi wins in his Auto Union (Nazi-sponsored)
May 6 – George V's Silver Jubilee
May 14 – LA's Griffith Planetarium opens
May 14 – Plebiscite in Philippines ratifies independence
May 15 – Moscow Metro opens to public
May 21 – Nazis issue Wehrgesetz: only Aryans could serve in armed forces, and that persons serving in armed forces could only marry Aryan spouses
May 24 – first major league night baseball game
May 31 – earthquake kills 50K in Pakistan

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