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The Pilgrim Glass is the story of an artist, a priest, and a photographer, and the restoration of a stained glass one summer in Vézelay, France. This is no ordinary glass, however; it has a strange, almost hypnotic effect on them, changing them in positive and destructive ways. 

Jonas Flycatcher, a well-respected but prickly artisan is contracted to repair a stained glass found deep in the ancient altar of the cathedral of Mary Magdalene at Vézelay. Traveling from California to Burgundy for the project, he meets Abbot Dubay, a worldly priest with a painful secret. Jonas begins the laborious work of restoring the stained glass offering, but when he meets Meredith, an ex-pat photographer who seems to be channeling a 12th century pilgrim, his carefully constructed world - and the ancient glass - are threatened.

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The World of The Pilgrim Glass
What Readers Are Saying

"Combining religious and secular elements, history with mystery, and plenty of internal conflict, this agreeably suspenseful story centers on the Romanesque Basilica of St. Mary  Magdalene in the quaint French village of Vezelay, once a major medieval pilgrimage site...Throughout the manuscript, a consistent smattering of French and vivid descriptions of the architecture heighten the authenticity of the setting and together with the fast pace creates a highly enjoyable French mystery."
Publishers Weekly


Note:  Publishers Weekly review provided as a part of the 2009 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards competition.

"A semifinalist in the 2009 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, The Pilgrim Glass is an entertaining, surprisingly suspenseful read, and I highly recommend it to readers who love historical mysteries enhanced by authentic details. If I could have given more than five stars, I would have."
Great Historical Fiction

"I really enjoyed this book! I read it pretty quickly as I couldn't put it down...This book has a little history, a bit of a mystery and a dash of romance. It was wonderful to watch it all come together."
A Bookish Affair

"With wonderfully imperfect characters, an intriguing mystery, and a mix of past and present tinged with the fantastic, this story has cross-genre appeal that will satisfy many types of readers."
Heather Domin, author of The Soldier of Raetia and The Heirs of Fortune

"Especially enjoyable is the honesty within the novel, as Rose builds to a complex and charged conclusion, holding the reader's attention right to the last page."
Anna Scott Graham, author of The War on Emily Dickinson 

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