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Discussion Questions

Large Heading

1. Mary is relatively independent for a woman in the 1930s, but she's surrounded by men. What accommodations do you think she made to fit in with the men in her world? 


2. All of the characters have a secret; how has keeping that secret changed them? How has it helped or hurt them in the mission they're on in Dido's Crown


3. What challenges do you think Alain faced growing up mixed-race in a colonial society? 


4. How are Mary's motivations different from her sister's? Are they different?


5. Tunisia is a character of its own in Dido's Crown. How do you feel the landscape and country affected the other characters? 

6. Character relationships in Dido's Crown are ambiguous, even mysterious.

What kind of relationship do you think Will and Tom had?


7. What parallels do you see between 1935 and now, from a social and/or political point of view?


8. What would you have done in Mary's place, or her sister's, after their losses in the war? What choices do you think would have been available to you?


9. What similarities and differences do you see between what Will experienced and current issues facing the LGBTQ community?


10.  How did you feel about the ending? Were you surprised?


11. After the thrilling events of the story, and with the approach of the second World War, will there be any "settling down" for the characters? Discuss what you think happens to each of them.


12. What will you remember the most about Dido's Crown?

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